Our new LP Tank refurbishing plant is up and running.

LP Tank Refurbishing Plant

Our trucks are ready to pick-up your old tanks and get them refurbished.

All tanks are inspected, vacuumed purged, methanol added, get automated sandblasting, receive high quality powder-coat paint, and have new valves and gauges installed when available.

We do all the work!

  • Propane Tank Refurbishing Plant

    We want to refurbish your old LP tanks. We will pick-up your old tnaks and deliver newly refurbished tanks. We do all the work
  • Protect Your Investment

    The Dandi-Block is the concrete alternative you will love! This all new light weight versatile block can be used anywhere; home, farm, garage, industrial, camping and more. Made in America!
  • New, Used & As-Is LP Tanks

    We are a distributor for new Quality Tanks and Manchester Tanks. We also have Refurbished and As-Is Tanks available.
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    With over 30 years of experience in saving our customers money, why go anywhere else? When you need to buy or sell tanks, leave it to WB Sales. We sell quality storage tanks at affordable prices!