Yard Clean-Up
Propane Recovery / LP Tank Recycle

D.O.T. / A.S.M.E. Tank and Cylinder Evacuation

Get your old dangerous tanks to WB Sales or we will come to you!

WB Sales has Propane Recovery Units to put the "stored" revenue back into circulation - keeping the money in your pocket, and out of the atmosphere.

Dedicated to the recovery and evacuation of tanks of all sizes, we can safely invert 12 tanks at a time and completely evacuate the liquid and vapor from the tanks. Our crews can evacuate an average of 100 tanks per day depending on tank size and conditions.

  • Makes you look like a strong thriving company, not a junk yard
  • Saves you time and adds to safety when working around LP tanks
  • WB Sales is fast, efficient, and dependable!


Have WB Sales dispose of your old dangerous LP tanks.
Avoid potential hazards, it's easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Call us

  • (608) 742-0533 or toll free (877) 515-1212

2. Get your old dangerous tanks to WB Sales or we will come to you!

  • We will charge you a minimal amount to dispose of them
  • We can line-up freight if needed
  • If you have a large number of tanks or full yard to be done, we will come to your location and prepare your tanks for salvage on site.

3. We will recycle them

  • On site pump-out into your tanks (You keep the product)
    We will take vapor out (Burn the tanks down)
    We will de-valve and dispose of old tanks
    Clean your entire yard - It's good for the environment!
    WB Sales would be interested in buying good excess LP tank inventory


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Let us help you find what you need and save you money!