This is the concrete alternative you will love!
This all new light weight versatile block can be used anywhere;
home, farm, garage, industrial, camping and more.
Made in America!

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The Ultimate Lightweight Block made of durable polypropylene
Dandi-Block #4816 Concrete Block
4" tall x 8" wide x 16" long Why not to use concrete or wood blocks……. 
Rated to hold 6,000 lbs Extremely heavy  
Salt and chemical resistant Breaks easily
Light-weight (only 4 lbs) Causes back injuries and crushed fingers  
Versatile: block campers, trailers, equipment etc... Hard to store
Easy to move with a built-in handle Consumable/ 95% lost after 1st use
Won't hurt your back or smash your fingers and toes Porous / holds moisture
Can be reused Accelerates rust

Does not hold moisture:
Great around salt water, won't rot or get moldy

Not appealing to look at
Easy to store, stack them up or hang them on the wall  Damages back of vehicle when hauling
Holds up in any soil condition  
Easy to clean  

Dandi-Block Ordering Information

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Dandi-Block size: 4” tall x 8” wide x 16” long
Block has an enclosed bottom!


We are looking to expand the distribution of our Dandi-Blocks.
If you would like to add it your your product line,
please call (608) 742-0533 or Toll Free: (877) 515-1212

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